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As we end another school year, we thank you for your support and partnership, which have been crucial to our students' success; enjoy a joyful and restful summer, and we look forward to continuing our partnership next school year.

As part of their integrated science and social studies units, first grade students hatched chicks in class, and learned all about birds during their field trip to Bowers Farm.

Secure gun storage is a school safety issue. That’s why school boards and districts like ours have become partners in promoting the importance of secure gun storage. Please secure your firearms to prevent tragedy.

The Bloomfield Hills EL and MS Lacrosse Club will be combining with the Birmingham Bulldogs and Farmington Youth Lacrosse Club this summer to provide up to 15+ training sessions (for MS with less for U10 and U8) the week of June 17th and concluding with a local tournament the last weekend in July. Register here.